Sunday, 2 December 2007

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Friday, 23 November 2007

Jonti came to My House

Last wensday Jonti came to My House . We traded YU GI OH! cards and played cops and robbers. Then I gave Jonti some Free duel marsters.

thanks for looking

by Josh

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

aunty sahra

In summur my unty Sahra is coming down to nelson for a vizt and I will probly have fun.

Thursday, 8 November 2007


On wednesday I went to the ciskis. I saw a night on a horse.At the end I saw a big cockole with three moter bikes.

Yesterday night

Yesterday night Jessie come to play at my house.Then I asedk if I could came and stay for tea. My mum said that only if it is okey with Jessies Dad . He said ok.

Monday, 29 October 2007

In the paper

On friday i found out that we were in the pape I cnt bertay (believe) my eay (eyes). I caled my Nana she said I will get the paper.

Tuesday, 9 October 2007


in the holiday I watched tv on tvnz 6 kidzone. Then I had a vist with my nana.

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

This week

This week Josh mite be coming to my house . I hope he is . If he dose we will have fun.

On Sunday

On sunday I am going to my frisneds houe.

His name is Mathfw I am going to takel Danle his brother.


In the holdays Leime finn carin and mum are cuming dawn the sawns wey aer


in the weekned I went to the church with my unite after church I

eight kfc for lunch .

all blake rugbby cards

In my fist rugbby card pake I got a legend Sean Fitspatrke.I have 35 cards and 8 of them are legends thats all of the legends.

In the holidays

In the holidays my sistirs are kuming downe and we are going to the westkowst.

In the weekend

In the weekend I went to get a goldfish and I feed the fish when I feed him he gobiled it all up. and he ate it really qickly I love him

Year 3 going to camp

When it was camp, all the year 3 went to camp, at teapot valley, I stayed at cabin 5.


Spreing is time when it get warmer and allso bees came out and get polem from flawers. It is good for the envrowmit .

what I did on 11.09.07 after school.

Yesterday after school I made some flower bookmarks. I made six of them and I gave them out the next day.I got the flowers from some old BBC gardener magizines.I had to cut out the flowers from the magizines.

MY toy

I got a toy from after school care. I had fun with it. It is yellow

on saturday

On saturday I didn/t play soccer because it is spring now. In sping people who play soccer wont play soccer in sping.

At Tahuna beach.

First I had to pick my Dad from
Red cross ,then I went to Tahuna .At Tahuna I had a picnic and after the picnic I ran up the ramp.


Yterday affter Jamp jame we met Brett is a stturnt Techer. He is a nice man . He is a grat drer

In the weekend

Afew week, s ugo I went to my soccer pris giving and I a medill. Said player,s playof the year nelson city afc 7th grade blades sam.

The Four Days I Was Sick

One Tuesday morning I felt really dizzy and Mum kept me home. I did not want to stay home.
Mum got me some friut to make me fell better,I liked the friut. Then the next day I had ear ake it was sore.

In the crismis hoiday.

In the hoildays I'm going to Crischo.To see my cousin in Crischoh.

Going to the supermarket

Today I am going to the supermarket .I want the weetbex the most because I get the weetbex cards you need 42 cards to have the hole set.


Summer is a speshl time of the year when buids are tweeting. Summer is good for the eviroment
and the oxcagin.

Jessie,s house

On thursday I am going to Jessie,s house to play she has a witbord yesterday I was going to go to sam, s house

my fun siser

Today my sister kaylee is coming to nelson. so is my nifyou and nise. They
are very fun play some time,s they anoying. They have some cool bears.


In spring lots of palnts grow and it's alot warmer at night and flowrs are floy grown and people are happyer because it is warmer so they feel like doing more stuff.

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Afts shcool.

After shcool my mum and I am going to the museim .We are going to go in the cave .We are going to look in the mrie secshon.We are going to look at the miris.

Monday, 20 August 2007


On sunday I went sking at rambow ski feild with my family.We had to stop on the hill because you had to have chans on wheels but we didint haved to have chans on our wheels because we had a 4 weel drive.
When we got up the monton we went to get the skis. We had to go on the jonery slope because it was our firist time going sking but it was fun. After lunch I went on the intermedit slope but it was scerrey beause it was big and there was lost of people on it. After
that it was our leson time so I went to do my leson but it was 1 horer it took alone time. When we werre in Wakefeild we stoped by the Grimse because wanter to say hi but they akittsk

wold you like a cofey my mum and said yes.

The magic show.

This thursday I get to go to the magic show. I get to chos a friend. I am chosing Thomas. I got the ticits from the asma siate. I gave Thomas an invatashon .


In the weekend I plaed rugby . It was a tothemit my teme got in the fioed . We mostle win and my brder got noked ofer and he had to go home.

Thursday, 16 August 2007

sick at home

On Tuesday and Wednesday I was sick at home. On Wednesday it was cross country but I was sick so I missed it. I missed Canstaball Odonall he was teaching about being arfrad but today we learned about saying no.

Monday, 6 August 2007

Me and my blood nose

On Saturday I played soccer for the Rockets against the Blades at Neil park. Lots of people in Room 9 like Ben, Sam, Tayla and Joseph were playing. It was a tough game and Ben axudentlly kicked the ball and it hit me in the nose and made it bleed. Here are photos of me in my bloody shirt. I got the player of the day for being so brave.