Monday, 6 August 2007

Me and my blood nose

On Saturday I played soccer for the Rockets against the Blades at Neil park. Lots of people in Room 9 like Ben, Sam, Tayla and Joseph were playing. It was a tough game and Ben axudentlly kicked the ball and it hit me in the nose and made it bleed. Here are photos of me in my bloody shirt. I got the player of the day for being so brave.


Wezie said...

Good job, Jessie! You took one for the team! You also did a wonderful job writing your story.

Marnie Thomas said...

Gosh Jessie, that is a lot of blood!!!
Miss Thomas
Room 18
Meadowbank School

Anonymous said...

I loved your great writing about the soccer game. Go the Rockets!

Rockets Coach

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessie,

Glad to hear that you were OK.

Great work for the team and you did deserve the player of the day because you were very very brave.

Paul (Blades coach)

Cindy said...

WOW Jessie it looks like you lost a lot of blood! What a brave player you are. You certainly earned an award for bravery!

Anonymous said...

you were so brave jess

from your friend Tala