Monday, 20 August 2007


On sunday I went sking at rambow ski feild with my family.We had to stop on the hill because you had to have chans on wheels but we didint haved to have chans on our wheels because we had a 4 weel drive.
When we got up the monton we went to get the skis. We had to go on the jonery slope because it was our firist time going sking but it was fun. After lunch I went on the intermedit slope but it was scerrey beause it was big and there was lost of people on it. After
that it was our leson time so I went to do my leson but it was 1 horer it took alone time. When we werre in Wakefeild we stoped by the Grimse because wanter to say hi but they akittsk

wold you like a cofey my mum and said yes.


Jonti said...

Was it fun sking Thomas

Rachel said...

WOW Thomas!

What a descriptive and long post you have written! Well done for all the effort you have spent on your story. Glad you had a good time skiing.

You should email in your photos to us and we can add them to this blog.

From Rachel

Wezie said...

I like the details you used in your story. Good job!

Today was our first day back to school. Our summer vacation is over!

Anonymous said...

awsom sonds like it was fun cheak out my blog at

Anonymous said...

I hoped you had fun thomas.

from Josh