Monday, 30 April 2007

The giants

In the wekend I went to see the giants. I went with mum dad and sheridan there. A person was dressd up in a ant costume and was throwing out bascit balls. I didint get one so dad siad that I could have a ball from Reble sport that is were he works. Sheridan had to go home because the giants finished too late.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic writing Brianna. Sounds like you had a good time at the Giants game. I like the way you tried really hard to get most of the full stops and capital letters in the right places.
Well done :)

From Rachel

Moturoa said...

I would have liked a free basketball.

Miss K

Appleby School

Anonymous said...

Ben and Sissel were at the same game. They really enjoyed it too and Kanon would like to say she thinks you write really well about the game

Anonymous said...

your storie is cool and your a good speller

Anonymous said...

Wonderful story Brianna!
I hope the Giants won!
From Sabine