Tuesday, 1 May 2007

My Holiday

In the weekend I went to my kuzins birthday. We stad up intil 9 okloc we woched a movie after we woched a movie Ryans dad printid a kuluring in komptin. after we did that we got to woch derdevil and spidirman then we got sum kayk then we got to got to play on his playstay 2 then we went hom.


Rachel Boyd said...

What a fabulous piece of writing Lochie!

I am really impressed that you were able to write so much!

I also like the way that you used the tent card when you were writing to help you and you sounded out words you couldn't write.

Keep the good work up.

From Rachel

Moturoa said...

You had a really good day out. I bet that cake was yummy.

Miss K

Appleby School

Anonymous said...

hi lochie!!! I bet you had a good time at your cousins house and had a good time at ryans birthday!!
Ben and Rigel

Anonymous said...

Hi Lochie!! I bet the cake was yummy!! Did you know that every night I go to bed at 8:00?
I hope you enjoyed watching movies!!!

from Ben and Rigel

Anonymous said...

Great story Lochie! It sounded very ecxiting!
From Sabine and Ruby

Anonymous said...

Hi Lochie
What a great story about Ryan's birthday. Sounds like you watched a lot of videos which would have been fun. Did Ryan have a birthday cake?
Love Robbie

Room Nine Kids! said...

Hi Robbie,

Yes, Ryan did have a birthday cake.

From Lochie

Anonymous said...

Hi Lochie
Sounds like you had lots of fun at Ry Guys birthday.Who won the colouring competition? What was the
Love Geordie
PS I really enjoyed your writing.