Monday, 30 July 2007

what I did in the weekend

In the weekend I got new clothes from Jk because I ran out of them and I allso got a new Jackat but it wont fit so mum is going to get me a new one after I went to the two doller shop I got a skipping rope and saw Zoe after all of that I got a gingerman from the Bakery then I went home and found my dad was going away I was sad.


Rachel said...

Well done Brianna!

You have worked hard to add lots of detail to your story. I hope you get a jacket that fits you soon.... you could wear it to school to keep out the cold!

Next time when you write your story I want you to think about using more full stops where they are needed. I was exhausted after reading your story in one go!

From Rachel

Wezie said...

Did you know that in the US we call a skipping rope a "jump rope" and we call gingermen "gingerbread men"?

Anonymous said...

Do you like your new clothes?

from Josh