Tuesday, 22 May 2007

In the weekend

In the weekend Iwent to Victorias house for a sleepover.We got woken up by a fire in the gorse bushes.We also played dressups.We had skippy cornflakes for breakfast and then we checked the mailbox.

Breakfast was delicous.Then we had a great big time for bouncing on the trampoline.I liked doing kareoke with the pink radio.I liked it.

Then I went home and watched a movie.The movie I watched was Cinderella two.On sunday dad looked after me.We ate french stick bread with ham and cheese.It was yummy.The cheese was camenbert.My cheese was on top of the ham and dads cheese was on the bottom of the ham.


Anonymous said...

Wow Zoe! What a fantastic and long story!! You have worked really hard to write using descriptive language. Great job :)

From Rachel

Anonymous said...

I bet it was dangerous Zoe.

From Victoria