Monday, 28 May 2007

My Story

In the weekend I plad socir with my little bruthir. I scord 2 gols and the uthir tem got 1. after that the gam wos ovir I got to go to macdoinils and I got to hav a happy mel.


Anonymous said...

Bravo.Nice work Lochie.
From KeeganRm3

Wezie said...

Did you really play soccer on the beach? I looked on the map to find Nelson and it looks like you are near a lot of water. I have never been to new Zealand. I know that "Lord of the Rings" was filmed there. I have seen lots of pictures and it looks very beautiful! Someday I would like to visit! Keep writing!

Anonymous said...

I bet it was fun playing soccer with Aulay. I really enjoyed reading about it Lochie and I wondered if you stood on any starfish while you played on the beach. Your writing is very good. Perhaps you could write me a letter soon?
Love Robbie XXXX

1/2B said...

We reckon you are a good soccer Player Lochie.

How old is your little brother? Does he play on the same team?

We think 2 goals is a good score.

A lot of us play soccer too.

Anonymous said...

hi Lochie
that is a very is a very good weeked you had. from Lachlan at meadowbank school by.

Anonymous said...

Do you like playing soccer? and
did you like your happy meal ?

From Josh.