Thursday, 14 June 2007

Argument about rubbish-free lunches

Parents are rasponspilte to wrapp children lunch/s.In my opinion parents shonld do a rubbish free lunch every day. You cold save up moror money. I think that parents shonld do a rubbish free lunch every day for their kids.


Chef Preston said...

Tayla, I agree with you. If parents don't lead by example, then the children will not learn. Have a great day.
Chef P

room said...

We think that is a great idea Tayla. We need to do something like that at our school because rubbish is a big problem in our school grounds.

mr woody said...

Hi ROom9 - I'm a teacher from Peachgrove Intermediate in Hamilton. Rubbish is a big problem at our school too. It has worsened in the last three years. I am interested in your ideas.
My class also has a blog. Feel free to leave comments for us too. My class will probably repsond to you if you leave sensible comments.
Good luck with the litter - do you also care about healthy eating?