Friday, 8 June 2007

The rubbish-free lunch

Today the whole school is going to have a rubbish free lunch. I have used one of my containers to put my bicscits and some chips in . I am going to put my other container to put my yogit in because we can't have rubbish.My sandwichers are not in any thing.My banana is just in its skin.That is what is in my lunch box.


Wezie said...

Wow, I love how you really care about our earth! Your school is a great example to everyone!

funny bunnies said...

hae this is a GREAT way to use a blog
you could also use it as a way to help people informed of their homework if they use it at home. thats what my class use it as(although not all of it is about homework or directly related to school as such). this is a great blog
absolutly great, keep up the great work. 8^)(ps thats a smily incase you
didnt know already!!!!!)

Jonti said...

I hoop you had one to.