Friday, 8 June 2007

The Plip Plop Rain

I made up this poem. It is about rain and I used lots of "pl" words because our blend of the week was "pl"

The Plip Plop rain

Plippers down

the Plip Plop drain

It Plippers through the guttrs

and Plopper down the shutters

it Plies through the streets

and we watch it through

the plip plop rain-wet windows

By Rohan


Wezie said...

Your poem is pleasant and playful!

3F said...


We are children in 3F at a school in Sydney, Australia.

We found your interesting blog and we are thinking of starting our own soon.

Your poem was great and it reminded us of the weather we've been having in Sydney the past few days. It's been unbelievable - heavy rain, strong winds and lots of flooding. Crazy!

Hope you keep up the great work with your blog. We look forward to reading it again.

From 3F and Miss Field.

Jonti said...

I like your poem Rohan